Kinder Critters


Activities Available: (Choose 3)

  • TV Microscope
  • Story and play –  The Mysterious Burrow (A story about our amazing creeks and waterways)
  • Story and play –  Cool Composting
  • Water from my creek—Discovery of macroinvertebrates that live there
  • Kinder Safari – Discovery of animals that live at kinder
  • Wriggly Worms and their composting magic



Session time:   60mins per session.

Students: 15 min – 25 max per session (can accommodate 2 groups per session).

Cost per student $10 (Incursion)

Cost per student $11 (Excursion)


Curriculum Links:


Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework: Outcome 2 & 4


*All programs can be adjusted to suit your needs.