Year 7

What does “Wild Bill” need to Survive?


Come along to the Birdsland Education Centre and learn about the World’s oldest recorded Platypus “Wild Bill” that lives in Monbulk Creek!

Learn about the importance of catchments, water flows and stormwater issues.  

How does this affect local wetlands, creeks and rivers?  Where does water from the Yarra Ranges end up? Where does it come from?

What implications does it have for the amazing platypuses and other animals that live there? What implications does it have for us?



Activities and information include:

Learn about the local catchment and discover the history of the Birdsland Reserve.

Geographical observations – natural and human influences. Land use changes over time.

Native plants and weeds of the site.

Water quality testing – what does it tell us?

Macroinvertebrate sampling – identify key species and classify them.

Develop an understanding of what are water resources? Why is water quality important?

What do wetlands actually do? Why are they important? How can this affect our local platypuses and other species?





Time: 4hrs

Students: 30 max per group (can accommodate 2 groups per session)

Cost per student $17


Level 7:


Science Understanding: Science as a human endeavour, Biological sciences,Earth and space sciences

Science Inquiry Skills: Planning and conducting, Analysing and evaluating and Communicating


Geographical Concepts and Skills: Place, space and interconnection, Data and information

Geographical Knowledge: Water in the world,Place and liveability, Landforms and landscapes and Changing nations


Historical Knowledge: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures


*Programs can be adjusted to meet your curriculum needs.

Incursion is available – please contact for details.