‘It was extremely relevant to our grades’ Inquiry topic and very age appropriate with lots of enjoyable hands on activities. The students loved seeing all the different tiny water creatures that lived in our local creeks that you showed with the digital microscope and having the opportunity to find and identify them in tubs of water with magnifying glasses’ Years 1/2 Teacher Menzies Creek Primary School.


‘The engagement levels of the students in these four sessions was high and they thrived in the hands on environment this incursion encouraged and provided.  The digital microscope and the construction of a creek in the class went a long way to help students see and conceptualise the creeks in the local area’ Years 3/4 Water Wise Program Selby Primary School


‘As a trained facilitator I have been extremely impressed at the high standard of program delivery accommodating all styles of learning resulting in high levels of engagement and interest of the primary school children’ Communities for Platypus.