Foundation to Year 2

Water Water Everywhere!

Let us take you on an exciting journey to discover why water is so important on Earth. How much water is there?

Where is your local creek and what does a healthy waterway look like! 

Activities available:

  • TV Microscope
  • Water cycles and Stormwater issues – What is a healthy waterway?
  • Story and play – The Mysterious Burrow
  • Local Water Sample – Learn about different animals that live in water
  • Platypus Troubles

Pollinating and Recycling!

Many invertebrates have special jobs that in turn help us! 

In fact, without them we wouldn’t survive! 

Activities available:

  • TV Microscope
  • Story and play – Cool Compost
  • What lives Where?
  • School Safari – what lives in the school grounds?
  • Wriggly Worms and their composting magic


Session time:  90mins per session.

Students: 30 max per session (can accommodate 2 groups per session).

Cost per student $11 (Incursion)

Cost per student $12 (Excursion)

Curriculum Links:  Foundation (Prep) – 2:


Science Understanding: Biological Sciences and Earth and Space Sciences


Geographical Concepts and Skills: Place, space and interconnection Geographical Knowledge: Places and our connections to them

*All programs can be adjusted to meet your needs.