Years 5 and 6

Rain, Drains and Oceans

Let us follow the journey of rain to our bays.  Discover your local catchment and creeks.  Why are catchments important to us, our health and other animals? What animals live there? What issues do they face due to urbanisation and pollution?

Activities available:​

  • TV Microscope
  • Water -What is a healthy waterway? Stormwater and pollution
  • Biodiversity of macroinvertebrates in your area
  • Frogs in your local area
  • Litter madness game
  • Platypus Troubles

Industrious Invertebrates

They are so many amazing invertebrates busy working away to survive! How do they move, eat and camouflage?   What special jobs do they do? And how can I spot them? Why are they important for a healthy earth?

Activities available:

  • TV Microscope
  • Habitats and biodiversity of school grounds
  • School Safari – what lives at school?
  • Wriggly worms and their composting magic
  • Survival game


Session time:  90mins per session.

Students: 30 max per session (can accommodate 2 groups per session).

Cost per student $11 (Incursion).

Cost per student $12 (Excursion).

Curriculum Links: Level 5-6


Science Understanding: Science as a human endeavour, Biological sciences, Chemical sciences,Earth and space sciences

Science Inquiry Skills: Questioning and predicting, Analysing and Evaluating and Communicating


Geographical Concepts and Skills: Place, space and interconnection

Geographical Knowledge: Factors that shape places and influence interconnections

*All programs can be adjusted to meet your needs.