Years 3 and 4

Wonderful Local Waterways

Discover the wonders of your local waterways.  If you can’t get to your local creek, we will bring the creek to you!

Activities available:

  • TV Microscope
  • Water – What is a healthy waterway? Stormwater and pollution Issues
  • Biodiversity of macroinvertebrates and food webs
  • Frogs in your local area
  • Litter Madness Game
  • Platypus Troubles

Habitats and Homes

Why do different plants and animals live in different areas? How do they survive?

Activities available:

  • TV Microscope
  • Habitats and biodiversity of school grounds
  • School Safari – what lives at school and food webs
  • Wriggly Worms and their composting magic
  • Survival game


Session time:  90mins per session.

Students: 30 max per session (can accommodate 2 groups per session).

Cost per student $11 (Incursion).

Cost per student $12 (Excursion).

Curriculum Links: Level 3-4


Science Understanding:Science as a human endeavour, Biological sciences and Earth and space sciences


Geographical Concepts and Skills: Place, space and interconnection

Geographical Knowledge:Diversity and significance of places and environments


Historical Knowledge: Community, remembrance and celebrations

*All programs can be adjusted to meet your needs.